Molasses used to cultivate Phalaenopsis without chemicals


About a year ago, Wooning Orchids began their search for a way to cultivate Phalaenopsis without chemicals. The use of organic molasses quickly emerged during this search, substances that ensure a natural balance in the greenhouse and make the plant resilient.

“The discovery of the cane sugar molasses contributes to a strong cultivation of a blooming Phalaenopsis, which is now completely chemical free,” Mart Zuijderwijk, cultivation specialist at Wooning Orchids, said.

Through the use of cane sugar molasses, the natural balance is now at its peak. “it has taken me a year to get this far, but even the pot worms are now fully under control and don’t pose any further problems. There are no added chemicals and we are of course very proud of that,” commented Mart. This is compared to a few years ago when there was no escaping the use of chemicals.

“Ultimately, we aim to cultivate without a carbon footprint as soon as possible… The investments for the water purification we have conducted over the past year has given us an enormous advantage in the reuse of drain water. These are all steps that contribute to this. We ultimately want to reuse 100% of the water… We simply do not want to burden the environment anymore.”


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