Smithers-Oasis expands to manufacture Floralife sachets in UK


Smithers-Oasis Company, the overarching company of OASIS Floral Products, has expanded its capabilities in its United Kingdom manufacturing facilities to include the production of Floralife® liquid flower food sachets.

Located in Washington, Tyne and Wear, the Smithers-Oasis production campus includes three facilities totalling more than 11,000 square meters. The production facilities produce Smithers-Oasis floral products for distribution in the UK and Scandinavian markets, and currently, is the only company in the UK to produce food solutions for cut flowers.

“The UK is the largest market in Europe for flowers retailed through supermarkets,” said Marco Marques, managing director, Europe, Floralife. “With the upcoming uncertain economic challenges caused by the Brexit, we wanted to position Smithers-Oasis to support this important, local, UK market from both a service and logistics standpoint.”

By producing the popular Floralife® branded liquid flower food locally with the UK production capabilities, product can get to customers more efficiently and less expensively. Eliminating the logistics of importing products cuts freight costs and provides a more sustainable solution that aligns with Smither-Oasis’ company initiative to reduce carbon footprint. Also, the production capabilities improve customer service levels.

“The overwhelming UK market acceptance of our Floralife® Express Technology flower food, that eliminates the need to recut stems and provides time and labor savings, led us to transition these additional capabilities locally in order to better service this growing market,” added Marques. “It is a reflection of Smithers-Oasis’ commitment to the UK floral industry and its key business strategy to grow the floral business worldwide.”

For more information on Floralife products, visit the Floralife website.


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