Lucas Vos: ‘Young people are the future’


What is a future-proof cooperative? This question has been preoccupying minds in Royal FloraHolland’s Cooperative 2020 programme for quite a while. Lucas Vos, CEO of Royal FloraHolland, explains, “It is ultimately a club full of commitment, where growers come together to exchange information. This can certainly be improved in the coming years.”

“It is important that people who are members fit well with Royal FloraHolland. One great step taken in October was to set up a youth council, filled with enthusiastic young growers, after 106 years. I am very happy about it. We also have YoungFlora within the organisation, with whom I debate regularly. I present the issues the cooperative is facing and ask: what would you do? It is very good to give young people a voice. After all, what they think of it is important. They are the future.”

On December 7, the members at the General Members’ Meeting will decide the path to take with Royal FloraHolland’s membership and rate structure. “For example, the rate structure will be modified to accommodate the increased differentiation in the size of our members’ companies. The change in this structure has been approved by the Supervisory Board. The new membership and rate structure certainly contributes to a future-proof cooperative. It shows that we are building the clubhouse of the future together.”

The ‘user pays’ principle, which members are in favour of, remains prominent in the new rate structure. Lucas adds, “In addition, the members stated that we must differentiate more, so we included that, too. We on the Management Board are also looking to have a balanced budget. We are not out to make a profit. I am convinced that what you have before you covers all three of these principles.”

Lucas has delivered a series of Vlogs on the Royal FloraHolland YouTube Channel. Watch them here

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