Royal FloraHolland members agree on new rates


The members of Royal FloraHolland have voted in favour of new rates and contribution for 2018. CFO Steven van Schilfgaarde emphasised that the rates proposal is the product of extensive consultation with the members.

Prior to the vote, there was a heated discussion among the members and between the members and the management board. The result of the vote was 73% in favour of accepting the proposal.

Priorities for 2018

In his clarification, Steven van Schilfgaarde talked about the necessity for a new rate structure. It is required to ensure the commitment of members across the entire cooperative. In 2018, with Van Schilfgaarde as CEO, the focus will lie on expanding Floriday, the digital platform for the horticultural sector. Other priorities include the Integrated Logistical Management programme and improving the daily service provision.

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