‘Finally’ the next big red?


“The wait has Finally ended” is the slogan of the new red rose variety ‘Finally‘ of United Selections. It is being produced commercially in Colombia and Ecuador for almost two years and has been well accepted among growers and buyers in the US and Europe. Some even call it the next big red.

United Selections invested high amounts in test trialling ‘Finally’ for four years in different climates and altitudes, and after pleasing results it was introduced to their growers with strong data support. “It is very difficult to introduce a new red variety as there are some good and well-known varieties on the market”, says Andrew Neidl, United Selection’s General Manager Latin America. “So, when introducing a new variety, it needs to be a variety that not only has a great colour, but has technical and commercial advantages for everyone throughout the chain. And I think we found the variety that has it all.”

Starting with the grower, ‘Finally’ is a highly productive variety. “Growers in Ecuador and Colombia, who are producing this variety commercially, can expect a minimum of 130 stems per square meter. Then, it maintains its quality during dry transportation which results in a higher quality product for the end consumer, where this red velvet variety can open fully during its 12-15 day vase life (after a week of dry transportation).”

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