Fusion, Design, Future 2018 International Design Trend Forum


Hosted by Cohim and themed with “Fusion, Design, Future”, the 2018 International Floral Design Trend Forum opened in the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology on December 9th, 2017.

The forum saw a diverse range of participants, with industry elites from China, Japan, France, Britain, Australian, Holland, Hungary, Russia, and more, and companies promoted a high-quality lifestyle as well as top domestic and international media.

Guests were invited to share their vision and analysis about international floral development from the aspects of concept, industry, design, trend and future potential, which contributed to a clear domestic floral development trend and trains of thoughts about floral industry chain integration as well as ways of grasping future trends.

This white bamboo forest at the entrance was 20 meters wide and designed by Hideyuki Niwa, chief director of the forum.

Hanging in the mid-air, this bamboo forest conveyed the meaning of ‘free from constraints.’ Since white colour is closest to the concept ‘nothingness’, Niwa hoped that everyone could forget all those past stereotypes and embrace new beginnings after going through the beautiful bamboo forest.

Such a big installation design was quite popular among flower lovers who stopped time and time again to take photos.

The forum began with an opening show by the chief director Hideyuki Niwa.  Along with the music, Niwa created four pieces of arrangements within half an hour and responded with warm applause from the audience.

As for future trends, Niwa believes it is every florist’s responsibility to reshape the natural beauty, to return to one’s true self and go back to nature. In addition, cultural inheritance also counts a lot.

Numerous industry professionals also attended and demonstrated their skills.

Rosebie Morton, the pioneer of a British floral industry chain explained about her self-grown scented roses and operation and development stories of ‘The Real Flower Company’ as well as future industry trends.

As the winner of Euro Cup Floral Design 2016, Tamas Mezoffy (Hungary) used a lot of exaggerated colour and special textures in his work. He thinks white colour, saturated colour and vivid colour will be more popular in the future, and hopes that everyone could use lovely floral designs to get rid of negative energies in their daily lives.

Alison Bradley (UK), founder of Fusion Flowers, the most popular floral magazine in the world, brought a gale of laughter with her sense of humour. Everyone benefited a lot from her unique perception about the floral industry and prediction about future floral design trends.

Chritian Tortu (France), YSL of French floral design, was the last to perform on stage. Everyone was immersed in his demonstration, using green as background colour applying roses and gloriosa to strengthen colour layering. Combined with fruits and food, his floral design created a sense of happiness.

On the second day, Dr. Lisa Cooper (Australia) was the first performer. Having been in the floral industry for over a decade, she always kept on learning. Her art career involves different areas, such as plaster, photography, and design, because she believes good inspiration comes from diverse art forms.

Roman Shtengauer, Winner of the Russian Championship, used lots of common materials and complex structures, which highlighted his own style. He said to the audience, “don’t let materials limit your imagination”.

Accompanied by Chinese zither and drum ensemble by Zhao Jinyang and Wu Hao, came for “China Time”

Xu Fei, studio founder of TWENTY_ONE was the first performer. He said that floral creation is a process of knowing yourself. Process is more important compared with results. He used to work in ceramic industry, but now he hopes to promote Chinese floral design to a higher level in his own way.

Wu Dan, a crossover florist who once worked on traditional music, values music very much in her floral design. She likes to find inspiration from music movement, because music is a bridge between her and flower. She said, “I only do flower arrangement once I have inspiration and music moves me a lot. Therefore, maybe I could not make real floral designs if I take commercial influence into consideration”

The last one to give performance in “China Time”was Cao Jiang, chief project expert of Cohim floral design. He demonstrated both traditional and modern Chinese floral designs as he wanted to convey the idea that Chinese florists should be inheritors as well as pioneers.

Last came Piet van Kampen, Legend of Flower Auction Alsmeer, famous international flower trading expert and floral design trend observer.  He brought a mysterious gift to us – he named a new type of tulip as COHIM! This also shows that Chinese floral design has made itself on the world stage. His speech was greeted with warm applause.

Eventually the speeches and demostrations officially ended. All of the guests came to the stage to take group photos and mark the occasion. Meanwhile, working staff quickly transformed the room into a ballroom. The evening ended with all who attended drinking, eating and dancing together.

The 2018 International Floral Design Trend Forum lasted for two days. Over 400 flower lovers and more than 100 media and experts of various industries attended.

This classical floral fest is not only a gala for the world’s famous florists to gather together, but more importantly it provided a platform for Chinese florists to have deep communication with international masters in terms of modern floral culture, and in return, gave the global florists a more in-depth opportunity to understand what’s going on in today’s Chinese floral industry. It also inspired more Chinese florists to think about the industry from a master’s point of view, to inherit and innovate tradition, to arouse concern of oriental aesthetics and to revitalise Chinese floral art with a broad and multidimensional perspective and design language.

Just like the implication of the bamboo forest at the entrance, the development of an industry can not solely depend on one person, only with the joint efforts, can the floral industry grow stronger. There is still a long way to go for Chinese florists, Cohim would like to work with all the florists to rejuvenate Chinese floral industry and make Chinese florists stand out on the world’s floral stage.

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