Green is the new Black #GreenFriday


Black Friday is now one of the biggest shopping events in the retail calendar, with 2016 seeing 101.7 million people shopping on the notoriously stressful day, full of frenzied purchasing and overindulgence.

From Tuesday 21 November, the Flower Council of Holland – under their brand – are introducing Green Friday, a message encouraging people to step away from the mindless commercialism and reconnect with nature, enjoying the stress-busting qualities of plants. Mindfulness, not mindlessness.

With the aim to promote wellbeing, and that the pleasure of life can come from the simple things like surrounding yourself with houseplants, want to steer away from the overindulgence of Black Friday.

Recipes for a #GreenFriday

The Flower Council of Holland have teamed up with Alison Rachel from Recipes for Self-Love to create three illustrations and one social cover photo that communicate the Green Friday message in her trademark style for

The goal is to use Alison’s provocative style to bring the concept of Green Friday to life in a compelling and eye-catching way, specifically with their target group in mind.

Core to the concept is the idea that when you buy plants, you buy all its associated benefits: joy, peace, nature, clean air, cosiness and relaxation. The joy of plants!

Given plants and flowers are already integral to Alison’s style, plants are central to the design. The Flower Council of Holland asked Alison to consider the below questions in her creative response:

  • What does Green Friday mean to you?
  • How do you see the relationship between the rise of over-commercialism and people’s disconnect from nature?
  • How can people respond to Black Friday and reconnect with nature?

The Flower Council of Holland will publish articles on this week running up to Black



Friday, with the first one already published, click here.

Sector opportunity

The Flower Council of Holland encourage florists, plant shops and garden centres to participate in the campaign and share the message. They are selling so much more than just a plant, so this is a fun way to communicate this message to your audience without reducing their value. Let’s make this Friday Green.



About Alison Rachel

With a background of brand strategy Alison left the advertising world in 2016 to pursue a more stimulating occupation as a freelancer. In October 2016 she created a zine titled Recipes for Self-Love in an attempt to accumulate and document methods and practices women make use of to stay feeling good in a world that seems intent on making them feel bad. The zine which was made up of contributions from different kinds of women on the topic of practising self-love was a huge success and gave rise to two more issues and an Instagram account. The Instagram account has grown considerably since its inception in February 2017 and its original content and illustrations explore themes such as inter-sectional feminism, body positivity, self-love and social justice.

She has since developed a unique style that resonates with audiences and is recognisable in the virtual world.


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