Festive flowers in the December Flower Agenda


The festive season is upon us, and the Flower Council of Holland feel that December deserves three beautiful flowers! The amaryllis, orchid and lisianthus are being celebrated this month.

The origin of the amaryllis, orchid and lisianthus

Amaryllis originates from South and Central America and the Caribbean. The lisianthus originates from North America, where it grows in desert riverbeds and in prairie regions. The orchid originates from the tropical rainforest.

The colours and shapes of the amaryllis, orchid and lisianthus

The amaryllis’s petals are very unusual with a velvety look. They come in white, red, yellow, pink, salmon, purple, orange and bicoloured.  The lisianthus comes in white, green, blue, pink, lilac, purple and salmon. Some flowers even have petals with multiple colours. There are more than 25,000 species of orchid, but at the florist the Flower Council like to find the tropical beauties. The flower comes in gorgeous colours, from powder pastels to candy pink or Zen white. There are even tiger prints, cow spots and stripes. Opt for the butterfly-like Phalaenopsis, the vamp Vanda, the slender Cymbidium or the Venus slipper (Paphiopedilum – pronounced ‘pa-fee-oh-ped-il-um’).

Festive Flowers

image: funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

Symbolism of the amaryllis, orchid and lisianthus

The amaryllis symbolises pride and enchanting beauty, and marks friendship and affection. The lisianthus represents appreciation, gratitude and charisma. The orchid symbolises pure friendship. When you give it as a gift, be like the Brazilians and give a kiss for every flower.

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