Cyclamen looking cheerful at west elm

The Flower Council of Holland has added some bright cheer at west elm’s London flagship store using the vibrant colour pallet of Cyclamen, November’s Houseplant of the Month.
Cyclamen, a flowering plant often taken for granted at this time of year, is a pretty little plant that always seems to be displayed in a very traditional way. We have given it a transformation by using unusual, playful and colourful planters instead, showing that any interior can be given a light-hearted punch to help fight off the winter blues.


Ian Drummond, Plantman About Town, worked his magic at west elm, using Cyclamen. The crisp bright space of west elm’s Tottenham Court Road store offers the perfect, contrasting backdrop for the wide range of colourful flowers offered by this houseplant. From bold, grape sorbets, to dreamy ice cream pastels, a feast for anyone with a taste for imagination.
Ian used ceramic vessels, usually reserved for west elm’s Gen Z shoppers, to plant the Cyclamens in, from novelty cups, to fun animal planters to break away a little from the conventional norm.
Working with Ian Drummond and west elm’s visual merchandising team, the Flower Council brought a new houseplant to life in a home setting to introduce customers to a new plant every month.  They have created some stunning installations at west elm over the past three months using their Houseplant of the Month campaign, and each have been so different to the next, next Month’s Amaryllis is looking exciting.

West elm shares the Flower Council’s care tips and trivia with their customers in their monthly newsletter, as well as posting it on their social media pages. Printed leaflets are also available in-store for west elm’s customers to take home.



For more information on the Flower Council’s Houseplant of the month Campaign, head to their website:

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